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Description Greetings,

A few of those Korean Webcam girls have been uploaded around here, amongst them being the now worldwide famous Vivien (비비앙).

Here is the the most famous one and there are a few others gathered by another member, here and here and  here

As it was explained, those girls are performing on websites such as winkTV, livestarTV or on afreecaTV, all of them being Korean streaming services. They are called "BJ"s which stands for "Broadcast Jockeys" and that gives you the basics to lurk for them on different sites.
Some people are kind enough to capture the stream and you can find those here and there on the Internet.

Having a few of those captures in my collection, I'll share a few, starting with the cute and sexy BJ Winter (BJ 겨울).

BJ Winter (BJ 겨울)

Quick Montage


Are included in the torrent the screens, the videos (12 avi, 1 mp4) and a checksum.
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23/10/2014 07.32 am

Thanks a lot~~laugh.gif
16/01/2014 11.47 pm

Thank You'''''''''''''
06/08/2013 03.23 pm

that yoinna look a like is BJ rose
12/07/2013 05.38 am

Anyone know who is the one in the latest images.
It is very similar to actress Yoo In Na
01/03/2013 04.17 pm

>Dblock : You're welcome, and I will ( :

>Brosbros :
A few of them do show the down part, I'm gathering them and will upload them.
If you watch carefully the one with Summer and Winter in the same video (the 13th), you can see around 11:15 that Summer shows her down part for a split of a second, and Winter is almost shocked.

It's mainly teasing, but you'll see, others don't hesitate to show everything.
01/03/2013 09.14 am

Hey betaplus! thanks for reply. I just bought 1TB external hard drive so I am sure I can keep your upload.

They are nice looking girls and it would be great to see more from them not just their upper bodies!! hehehgrin.gif
01/03/2013 01.01 am

mmmmm very nice, thanks for upload. Make sure you add ones that use oil and lots of it. grin.gif
28/02/2013 02.39 pm

Yes, I do. A bit over 100GB of them.
I will do several packs but it will take some time.

Next to come will probably be BJ Roses (BJ 장미) and BJ shelly  (BJ 셀리).

I can't upload it all at once because as you can see, my upload speed is quite low.

28/02/2013 06.33 am

Cool Stuff!!! any other pretty girls in you collection? thxx