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Name Uncensored English-subbed hentai anime collection
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19/07/2017 09.06 am

thanks alot ,we the hentai lover u are god who keep this torrent file alive ,love u guys ,hehegrin.gifwink.giftongue.gif
14/03/2017 07.54 am

thanks alot lad
30/10/2016 10.07 pm

21/10/2016 06.24 pm

seed blz smile1.gif smile1.gif smile1.gif smile1.gif
21/10/2016 06.22 pm

seed plz cry.gif cry.gif cry.gif
03/08/2016 01.49 am

1st Download.....
29/07/2016 10.32 pm

[2016/07/29] [PoRO] 黒の教室 「潮ミルクJK搾り~馴染み蔑む授業散姦」
download torrent file here:


just drag downloaded torrent to your torrent clientsmile1.gif very fast download !!
03/06/2016 09.46 pm

Wow it´s my first download! :O It´s pretty cool thanks a lot! grin.gif
08/04/2016 10.13 am

11/03/2016 09.50 pm

11/03/2016 09.03 pm

28/02/2016 11.14 am

it seems a great collection.
My first anime porn.
18/01/2016 06.35 pm

18/01/2016 06.35 pm

13/01/2016 02.50 pm

the ol days of uncensored. thx not a bad batch now if this was a lolicon or 80s like all the 80's and 90's henti man that would be epic.cool1.gif
13/12/2015 02.03 pm

A lot of classics in this collection.

Shame most of the new content are all censored, eh? wink.gif
21/09/2015 04.14 pm

Damn.. good collection grin.gif
23/08/2015 05.02 pm

Thank you grin.gifgrin.gif
09/08/2015 12.17 pm

31/07/2015 05.54 pm

This is the Best. bought an whole Hard disk for it!!
Thank u very muchgrin.gifgrin.gif
01/06/2015 06.22 am

18/04/2015 05.16 pm

very good!
18/04/2015 04.46 pm

Thank you.wink.gifwink.giflaugh.gif
27/02/2015 01.38 pm

09/12/2014 07.12 pm

Thank s nice torrent
29/11/2014 04.27 pm

Thanks, nice collection  wink.gif
04/11/2014 06.52 pm

01/11/2014 10.11 pm

Thanks. protected by the password?sad.gifsad.gif

29/09/2014 08.34 am

Thank you so much!smile1.gif
25/09/2014 10.45 pm


already have many of this, will get just a few I missed.
07/09/2014 05.17 pm

Great job!! ohmy.gif Great collection, but... Oh My God! 218GB!! w00t.gif
Thanks a lot! thumbsup.gif
07/09/2014 05.16 pm

Great job!! ohmy.gif Great collection, but... Oh My God! 218GB!! w00t.gif
Thanks a lot! thumbsup.gif
05/09/2014 12.02 am

tanks for the post.  after i noticed it was gb instead of mb, i had to restart with a portion.  don't know if could watch the whole thing.
31/08/2014 07.44 am

Very nice job  Thank A Lot
23/08/2014 01.44 pm

Thanks, and what is the title of this one?
07/08/2014 07.28 am

thx upl
07/08/2014 07.27 am

thx u[l
21/06/2014 01.40 pm

14/06/2014 05.55 am

Dear mother of the unholy God of Hell , what a gorgeous & fapping summer waiting for milk!!!
08/06/2014 10.30 am

25/05/2014 02.16 pm

thumbsup.gifThank you so much Won't forget Keep Seeding Please when you finishhump.gifwave.gif
25/05/2014 02.14 pm

thumbsup.gifThank you so much Won't forget Keep Seeding Please when you finish laugh.gif wave.gifhump.gif
22/05/2014 10.51 pm

Thankz alot
17/05/2014 01.40 am

15/05/2014 01.23 am

Thank you for Seeding!!! smile2.gif grin.gif
04/05/2014 05.48 pm

thank you for seeding!
04/05/2014 05.48 pm

thank you for seeding!
03/05/2014 12.40 pm

I don't know. Hentai just does not work for me. It's one of those things that you either love it or you hate it.
24/04/2014 07.53 am

this is just great !!!!
16/04/2014 10.43 am

Mother of God zorro.gif
14/04/2014 12.36 pm

THANKS great upload
ajmoore the anime u are looking for is sex craft i believe
08/04/2014 03.23 pm

Holy Shitcool1.gif
20/03/2014 04.54 pm

good very good
20/03/2014 04.46 pm

Commonsad.gif sad.gifsad.gif
08/03/2014 06.22 am

Anyone know which hentai this is in the pack?
04/03/2014 10.42 pm

thx for sharring, i really love it grin.gif
27/02/2014 08.55 am

In the "MISSION OF DARKNESS" folder, all I find is the .nfo file.

not complaining, just thought I would point it out in case someone was really after that one show.

Again, thanks for sharing this!!
27/02/2014 08.10 am

I haven't been the recipient of such a great torrent since I got 256 Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies at once over a year ago. LOL- took almost 3 months to complete, but I was so happy!

Thanks for sharing these with us!! Luckily, I just bought a new 3TB hard drive....punk.gifband.gifpunk.gif
23/02/2014 07.55 pm

good good very good!!
02/02/2014 12.04 pm

Great collection! I'm quite flabbergasted by it! smile1.gif
01/02/2014 06.32 pm

What to say.... just impressive!  Thanks!!  8)
24/01/2014 06.38 pm

It is already split into parts. After you open the torrent in Utorrent u can pick what movies u want to download.
20/01/2014 12.05 am

please split it into some part... because, god damn, 200gb such a huge storage... even if i can download it, i must move it into my extHDD sad.gif
sorry to comment like thiscry.gif
19/01/2014 07.26 pm

i lost my laptop, so i can't seed anything. Please send help. i will keep seed again sad.gif(
18/01/2014 05.54 pm

nice collection
18/01/2014 02.08 pm

Time for a new HDD angry.gif
13/01/2014 07.22 pm

huge thx
12/01/2014 11.25 pm

nice collection
11/01/2014 06.20 pm

this is one hell of a collection.. thanks bro..
04/01/2014 10.13 am

Holy Shit
03/01/2014 07.26 pm

Thank you wink.gif
02/01/2014 10.07 pm

Great hentai pack!! Thanks for sharing.  thumbsup.gif
For those looking for separate (single) files or just want to download a few movies from the list, just google the file name.
31/12/2013 06.17 pm

Yosh !!tongue.gif
31/12/2013 01.44 pm

You are my hero man. Just when my old 3TB hard drive went down with all hentai, porn and films collection i had, you appeared and saved my day.
Will seed for life (well until another hard drive burnsgrin.gif)
29/12/2013 03.44 pm

could you split file in smaller size... too much
22/12/2013 09.45 pm

Basically, solid files like videos doesnt have much to lose in size if compressed. its still gonna be around 200GB
07/12/2013 06.51 am

wish i had 200 gb to spare on my laptop for this. dayum i want this thou. thank you!
07/12/2013 01.11 am

OMG!! 218GB yikes.gifthumbsup.gifbeer1.gifband.gif
06/12/2013 03.36 pm

Could you please repost this as a rar? not everyone has 200gb to spare tongue.gif
06/12/2013 05.38 am

OMG.. this is a must have.ohmy.gifw00t.gifband.gifbounce.gif
05/12/2013 09.37 pm

thanks for the great upload.

i really enjoy bible black. quite realistic, erotic and sensual. any hentai titles similar to it? you have quite huge files here, so if possible would like to selectively download it.
05/12/2013 05.05 pm

Dear god ohmy.gif