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Name Aquarium 3857 ~ Shiori
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Info Hash 29bf507ed74433a983d877fea7c00c03b3f24d5f

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Category DVDRip
Size 591.33 MB
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AddDate 31/05/2010
Speed 0 KB/sec
Down 240 times
peers seeds: 0, leechers: 12 = 12 peers
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16/12/2017 03.30 pm

Please stop requesting this file angry.gif angry.gif angry.gif

Its HORRIBLE and not worth it!

YTou are just filling up my inbox with spam angry.gif angry.gif angry.gif
15/10/2017 05.03 pm

please seed stuck at 41.4%.. @mialaurente are they the same torrent file?
25/09/2017 03.10 am

Seeding the DVDRIP here:
19/09/2017 12.49 am

Please seed, I am stuck...
09/09/2017 06.49 am

For the love of everything sacred, please stop asking for a seed angry.gif
29/08/2017 02.19 pm

Seriously. This video is pure crap. Stop asking for seeds. It just isn't worth you time.

Every week I get requests for this.
14/05/2017 09.01 pm

This is a horrible video. Bad quality and it pixels a lot.

Don't waste your time on it. I wont even seed it, its so bad.
13/12/2016 03.49 am

I am stuck at 41.4% forever... Would someone be kind to reseed with 100% completed files? Thank you.
08/09/2016 09.06 am

thank uploader
05/06/2016 01.34 pm

Hmm, that looks weird, the file is 41% check.
05/06/2016 01.30 pm

I have this file, I think I can seed it. wink.gif
05/05/2016 12.51 pm

Best site☺
07/04/2016 10.16 am

Change avi to wmv is not a solution! It does not play because the video file is not complete and it re-loop/replay a "tiny" front track! Then this should not be uploaded here at all????
07/04/2016 10.14 am is "Bad ID"! No such link!
04/06/2015 04.47 pm

ai seed  đy @@
20/05/2015 02.50 pm

This is here...
10/04/2015 04.43 pm

You should re-open tracker and change extention AVI to WMV for it work (i think)
let me know if good or not sleep.gif
10/04/2015 02.51 pm

i think i found why it dont work, it was marked as AVI but was WMV i put seed same name but extention .WMV hope it work wink.gif
12/01/2015 10.35 pm

Seed please, it's stuck on 41%
12/11/2014 02.17 am

Seed please!!!
24/09/2014 03.34 am

He's seeding but no data is going out sad.gif cry.gif
22/07/2014 05.05 am

Jerry pls continue reseeding please smile1.gif
09/07/2014 10.12 am

I would like to see this if it downloads all the way through, currently stuck at 41.6% complete.
06/07/2014 07.30 am

I am reseeding this but still everyone seems to be stuck leeching cry.gif
18/05/2014 08.52 am

I am reseeding now.
13/05/2014 07.01 am

why not delete this torrent page already? btw, the quality of the video is not very good. Tends to pause everytime that you can't enjoy it at all.. cry.gif
16/04/2014 09.47 am

i have that one.... and reseed from my link...

25/03/2014 08.45 pm

re seed plsss...  sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
20/03/2014 04.54 pm

good very goodnoexpression.gif
10/03/2014 08.12 pm

09/02/2014 10.46 pm

as medrictan said, we need first finish the download, otherwise, I can't seed -.-

04/02/2014 02.45 pm

I WILL SEED THIS....but first, i gotta download it....noexpression.gif
27/11/2013 01.56 am

Common Guyz !! Seeders please...stuck in 41%...sad.gif
29/08/2013 04.35 am

Seed Please!!!
31/05/2010 05.57 pm

try using vlc media player..
31/05/2010 09.55 am

this isnt recognized as an avi file, and will not play for me.  anyone else?